Developing software since 1983
I started programming in Assembly Language at age of 11, it was the beginning of a lifetime dedicated to programming. My first professional project was in the field of mathematical optimization of residual water network drilling in 1987. In the 90s I developed software for several companies in a myriad of computer languages. It was followed for 14 years working on the field of computer graphics and desktop interfaces. In this decade, I worked for several years developing hybrid mobile applications and later resume my work back to data science and OOP programming.

Fields of Knowledge

OOP, Math related, Scripting and more
Over this 34 years of developing software, teaching about it, and data analysis, I worked in many fields ranging from database manipulation, website creation, server software, reverse engineer, mobile apps, but I have over a decade of experience on the fields describe at the top. Since 2017, I'm specializing on the field of Data Mining.


You are data is safe. Your name is not disclosed.
I have large experience working with companies who want to lead the market, and require the secrecy of their projects and need make sure their data is not compromised.


Linear Algebra, Statistics and Affine Geometry
Besides my Software Engineer Degree, I also spent 3 years in Mathematics course in University, and become a Statistics private tutor during that process. It was followed by 3 years as a Research Assistant in National Lab working with Signal Processing. After I finished University, I spent 14 years working with Affine Geometry in a Computer Graphics project. On 2017, I return to field of mathematics working on data science projects using Python and R.

Remote Working

Working online since 14kbps Modems existed
In the beginning of the 90s, before public Internet was available in Portugal, the first computer modems appear. It was the golden opportunity to changed my working paradigm from office working into remote working, allowing me to manage time in a more efficient manner and allow my clients to reduce costs in logistic.


Teaching since 1990
In 1990, I was invited to teach in a local school in how to use the computer and Microsoft Products to senior students, it was the first of many jobs as a teacher and educator. Over time, several companies requested me to educate their employees in a specific technology or platform.


A decade in the West, 7 years in the East
In 2000, I started working and cooperating with companies and workers from several countries in the West World, running all the business meetings in English. From 2010 to 2017, I lived in the Eastern Asia, of those 4 years in Taiwan, where I learned to communicate in Chinese, although hasn't reach the business level.

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